Sep 26

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MVCI hosts an Evening with Tom Zawistowski Monday, October 3


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Miami Valley Citizens Informed (MVCI) is having an important meeting on next Monday, October 3, from 7 to 8:30 PM at the Washington Heights Baptist Church, 5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton Ohio 45429. MVCI has provided the details below to share with you:

MVCI is pleased to announce that once again we have the privilege of presenting Mr. Tom Zawistowski as our featured speaker. Tom has been a leader in the liberty movement in Ohio for many years. Aside from his many radio interviews and his appearances on national and local television, Tom is host of his own weekly radio program…“Tea Party Talk.” He is also President of the Portage County Tea Party, and President of the We The People Convention. He is former President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition.

Those who have attended previous MVCI meetings featuring Tom can attest to his knowledge of candidates, elections and political “behind the scenes” issues. His insight, his enthusiasm, his obvious love for America along with his desire to see our nation return to it’s founding principles, make Tom a very interesting, informative and inspiring speaker – especially as we come up to this extremely important Presidential election.

BUT, there’s even more planned for Monday’s meeting: Mr. Ron Alban of Citizens for a Better Kettering, will share a short update on the attempt of Kettering City Council’s attempt to UNDO the voice and will of the people of Kettering, Ohio. The voters of Kettering previously passed a ballot initiative to set up term limits and responsible salaries, matching the elected official salaries of surrounding governments of similar size to Kettering. The Council and Mayor of Kettering have put Issue 36 on the Nov. 8th election ballot to UNDO what Kettering voters voted in just a few short years ago.
Come hear Ron explain how Citizens for A Better Kettering will defeat Issue 36 and how you can help (even if you are not a resident of Kettering, you can still help your neighbors in stopping the government officials’ blatant disrespect for the will of the people). Signs, flyers and information sheets will be available.

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