Sep 04

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Donald Trump Addresses Enthusiastic Crowd in Wilmington, Ohio


Trump in WilmingtonDonald Trump gave a powerful, well received speech at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington last Thursday, September 1. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. Mr. Trump offered a number of solutions to the nation’s problems, including the following:

Trump promised that he will “treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion” …, but that “our greatest compassion will be for the American citizen.” And with hundreds of Americans already being the victims of serious crimes from illegals being allowed to remain in the country, Trump would put a priority on deporting such serious criminals.
Regarding the economy, Trump said “The era of economic surrender, which is what we’ve done essentially, is over. A new era of American greatness is going to begin”. He promised reduced taxes and an end to needless regulations, and millions of new jobs. He got a big round of applause when he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare. And he promised that he will work to be sure that the revived economy benefits everyone in society, including those in the inner city.
Regarding foreign policy, Trump promised to work with our allies to “crush, defeat and utterly destroy ISIS.” He also said that he will build a wall to stop the uncontrolled illegal immigration coming across our southern border, and will institute a new immigration policy where we would “admit those into our country who share our values and love our people.”
Regarding education, Trump promised to promote school choice and cancel Common Core.
Prior to the speech by Donald Trump former New York mayor and prosecutor Rudy Giuliano gave a strong “warm up” speech where he stated that he is sure that Hillary Clinton has committed many crimes, but is not being punished because she is a Clinton. Giuliano and Trump promised that under a Trump administration no one would be above the law.
Click HERE for a YouTube video of the complete Donald Trump speech in Wilmington.

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