Aug 26

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Bill Bennett calls a Trump Victory Critical to the Future of the Supreme Court and Nation


Bennett imageMany conservatives are strongly supporting Donald Trump for President for a number of reasons, including the economy, the continuing massive illegal immigration, and the crisis with ISIS which has arisen under polices of President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton. However, many list the number one reason for supporting Trump as the future of the Supreme Court: Donald Trump has declared that he would make appointments to the Supreme Court that would support the Constitution and freedoms such as the right to bear arms. Trump even went so far as to publish a list of people that would meet his criteria for appointment to the court, and his list was strongly praised by conservatives. In contrast, Hillary Clinton has indicated that if she makes appointments to the Supreme Court, they will push the liberal agenda which would, for example, fight against the Second Amendment, restrict Religious Liberty and promote unrestricted abortion. Click HERE for an analysis by respected conservative Bill Bennett on how critical this election is to the future of the Supreme Court and our nation.

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