Aug 24

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Donald Trump Speaks Boldly on Today’s African-American Advancement Issues


trump_thumbs_up_low_res__previewMany conservatives are giving much credit to Presidential candidate Donald Trump for addressing the core issues which concern many African-Americans in a recent speech, pointing out how Democratic policies have brought misery, poverty, and despair to African-Americans and many others.
For example: Nearly 12 million have been added to the food stamp rolls since President Obama took office. Nearly 7 million Americans were added to the ranks of those in poverty. We have the lowest labor force participation rates in four decades.And 58 percent of African-American youth are either outside the labor force or not employed. Many believe that Democratic policies (e.g. high taxes and massive amounts of new regulations) have hurt the economy and severely hindered job growth, which has hurt the poor along with nearly all other Americans.
Click HERE for an article on the Donald Trump speech by the WND news organization which includes comments by Dinesh D’Souza, creator of the powerful movie “Hillary’s America.”

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