Aug 20

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Donald Trump Visits Flood-Devastated Louisiana


Standing with TrumpPresidential candidate Donald Trump, along with running mate Mike Pence, visited communities in Louisiana Friday that have been devastated by flood waters. He made a sincere effort to console the suffering and do what he could to help, and not make the visit some kind of political photo-op. Trump and Pence received a warm welcome as almost all the Louisianans appreciated their concern and the fact that they were helping to raise public awareness of the devastation in Louisiana. In sharp contrast, President Obama did not even interrupt his vacation and Hillary Clinton only expressed concern in social media and a call to the governor of Louisiana.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani commented “Today, Donald Trump acted more presidential than the president himself, by immediately going to Louisiana while President Obama chose to continue playing golf and Hillary Clinton phoned in her views.” He also noted “It is the defining principle of leadership to show up at the scene of a disaster in order to assess damage first hand.” Click HERE for more on Mayor Giuliani’s comments.

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