Aug 17

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Donald Trump Gives Strong Speech in Wisconsin August 16, 2016


trump_thumbs_up_low_res__previewDonald Trump gave a powerful speech in Wisconsin yesterday, August 16! He made a strong case for the need for law and order, especially to benefit the minority community. And he argued persuasively that the terrible state of the poor in American cities is the direct result of Democratic policies and corruption:

“There is no compassion in allowing drug dealers, gang members, and felons to prey on innocent people. It is the first duty of government to keep the innocent safe, and when I am President I will fight for the safety of every American – and especially those Americans who have not known safety for a very, very long time…The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community. Democratic crime policies, education policies, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.”

He also made a strong case that the disastrous immigration polices of Democrats are harming the whole country, but especially poor communities:

“No community in this country has been hurt worse by Hillary Clinton’s immigration policies than the African-American community. Now she is proposing to print instant work permits for millions of illegal immigrants, taking jobs directly from low-income Americans. I will secure our border, protect our workers, and improve jobs and wages in your community. We will only invite people to join our country who share our tolerant values, who support our Constitution, and who love all of our people.”

Many conservatives feel that the Hillary Clinton campaign is focused on avoiding real discussion on these sorts of issues, and instead wants to attack Donald Trump personally, knowing that if the American people focus on the issues that matter, Donald Trump may well be victorious.

Click HERE to read the complete text of the speech, and click HERE to access the YouTube video.

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