Jul 03

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GCTP Meeting July 26: Do We Need an Article V Constitutional Convention? (A Important Discussion of the Pros & Cons)


Ellen HortonMuch is being discussed on the need for an Article V Constitutional Convention. Have you made up your mind on this critically important subject? Do you need more information?  Is it prudent, will it correct the injustices we see in our nation and what is the case for and against an Article V Convention? Come and join the Greene County Tea Party (GCTP) for a Public Meeting on the subject.

Come and hear Mrs. Ellen Horton speak on this critical subject. Nearly 30 states have agreed to the need for an Article V Convention. Now is the time to be informed. Ellen Horton will do that. She is trained and certified by the Maryland-based “Institute on the Constitution (IOTC)” to teach the organization’s in-depth Constitution class.

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