Oct 10

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Gov. Kasich Tumbles to Third Place in Ohio Poll


John KasichOhio Gov. John Kasich has fallen to third in a recent poll of Ohio Republicans. At 13%, he is a distant third behind Donald Trump at 23% and Dr. Ben Carson at 18%. Gov. Kasich is only slightly ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina, who had 11% and 10%, respectively. This recent weakness of Gov. Kasich has raised the possibility that a true conservative, instead of Gov. Kasich, may be able to win the winner-take-all Ohio Republican primary on March 15, 2016.
Many people feel that Gov. Kasich is not a true conservative. Although he claimed good fiscal management in Ohio, Ohio government spending is up $4.6 billion in 4 years. He has spoken in favor of a Federal balanced budget amendment, but his forcing of Obamacare Medicaid expansion on Ohio will cost US taxpayers billions of dollars. Many conservatives are also very upset by Gov. Kasich’s support of Common Core, which hurts students, parents, and local control of education. (Click here for many other reasons why many feel that Gov. Kasich should NOT be considered a conservative.)

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