Jun 11

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Gov. John Kasich Signs Bill Changing 2016 Primary Date


Gov. John Kasich signed a bill on June 10 to move the date for the 2016 Ohio primary election from March 8, 2016, to March 15, 2016. Many believe that this bill was requested by Gov. Kasich because (1) it means that the March 2016 primary will be a winner-take-all election with all Ohio delegates to the GOP national convention going to the winner, and (2) Gov. Kasich is expected to enter the presidential race and thinks he can win in Ohio and get all of Ohio’s delegates. We are disappointed in this change since in means that those who vote for anyone other than the winner will, in effect, have no one representing them at the convention!

We do NOT consider Gov. Kasich a conservative due to his strong support of Common Core and his forcing of Obamacare Medicaid expansion on Ohio. (Click here for many other reasons why we feel that Gov. Kasich should NOT be considered a conservative.)

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