Mar 15

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Commentary: Beware of the progressives’ barrage of false truths—only disaster follows, not prosperity


DTP president commentaryThere is a growing undercurrent of Marxist Communism in the language of American progressives. For those familiar with the history of American politics, communists and socialists and their sympathizers began to self-describe themselves as “progressives” to try to blindside the American public after their initial political movements failed in America.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia on the topic of progressivism:

“The contemporary common political conception of progressivism in the culture of the Western world emerged from the vast social changes brought about by industrialization in the Western world in the late 19th century, particularly out of the view that progress was being stifled by vast economic inequality between the rich and the poor, minimally regulated laissez-faire capitalism with out-of-control monopolistic corporations, intense and often violent conflict between workers and capitalists; and thus claimed that measures were needed to address these problems.”

Now, what part of the “vast social changes brought about by industrialization in the Western world in the late 19th century” do you wish to do away with? 2,500 sq. ft. homes with three bathrooms? Two cars in the garage? Dish and clothes washers? TV sets? Electricity 24/7 at the flip of a switch? Clean running water? Shopping malls? Vacations in Florida?

Has your standard of living been “stifled by vast economic inequality”? Do you wish to return to early 1800’s America before the industrial revolution? Do you want to walk or ride a horse everywhere and muck-out the stables each morning? It’s a lot easier to change the oil every 5,000 miles isn’t it?

Are there, really, a lot of minimally regulated out-of-control monopolistic corporations that are NOT prominent Democratic Party supporters—say like GE, Microsoft, Google, Apple?

What does progress really mean?

The correct definition of progress is the improvement in the standard of living brought about by technologies transforming energy (oil, coal, natural gas, solar energy, etc.) into the products and services that are affordable to average folks. The industrial revolution of the 19th century replaced human and animal back-breaking work with steam-power . This change in energy source enabled each hour of human effort to be economically magnified to yield new wealth. This new wealth then created a middle class in America and created opportunity for new businesses building new products and providing new services. This, then, transformed an elite social political structure into one with a strong, educated middle class earning their better standard of living by taking responsibility for their own well-being.

How much of the prosperity you actually earn each year are you willing to have taken from you to give to others doing little or nothing? This is what social justice really is—theft of your hard work.

What is the real objective of “progressives”?

The real purpose of progressives (communists and socialists and their sympathizers) is to create a new elite with themselves among the elite. Just look at Cuba. A “communist” country locked in a standard of living of the 1950’s because the new wealth produced by an individual’s hard work is sucked into supporting the communist elite. Ask yourself why Cuba today shouldn’t be a wealthy Caribbean paradise? Because a communist elite has ruled for 60 years.

Look at socialist countries like Venezuela, now led by a former union leader. Countries that clamp down on the personal wealth, brought by hard work and personal property, and use “social justice” to justify stealing this personal wealth, to buy votes for the elite to remain “elected”, are in a downward spiral to self-destruction. This is anti-progress by any real measure. This is the real face of progressives everywhere. They are really anti-progress.

You may think that this is nonsense. If you do, then take a hard look at Obama’s transformation of America these past six years. He is adored by progressives! He is THEIR GUY! Democrats strongly adore him even now. Why, because he is their deliverer of “free stuff” taken from the hard work of others or funded by debt being placed on the backs of children yet unborn. Where is the real justice in that? Sounds like life in Cuba.

Now look at Detroit, Chicago, and New York City. Large cities led by progressives. Where are they going? Look at Dayton, led by progressives. WHIO reported in 2013 that Dayton’s commercial vacancy rate was worse than Detroit! Everyone, it would appear, is moving to Austin Landing to get away from downtown Dayton and its drugs, gangs, etc. Do you blame them? Yet, progressives proclaim how great social justice is. Where progressives lead, disaster follows. Austin Landing should have been built in downtown Dayton along the riverfront. Have you ever seen San Antonio’s waterfront? What a real transformation that would have been. Impossible where social justice rules.

Global warming, social equality guilt, social justice, the “war on women”, exaggerated claims of sexism and racism, etc., are all intentionally provocative language of progressives to gain and maintain their power. It is standard political speech of Democrats and, increasingly, of progressive Republicans like Gov. John Kasich. (Read this article on why Gov. Kasich is not a conservative.)

Progressives will rarely speak honestly and act with integrity. If you want to fix what ails America, start by electing officials of both parties who speak honestly and act with integrity to uphold the U.S. Constitution. It’s also time to stop listening to false-journalists, many of whom are nothing more than paid progressive provocateurs. Just change the channel or cancel the subscription.

I My Liberty!

Mike Snead


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