Mar 07

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Commentary: Instructing your children about liberty is every patriotic American parent’s “I swear allegiance” obligation


DTP president commentaryMilitary Islamists are teaching children, as young as seven, to hate and kill. Ultra-progressives, here in America, now want to control our children’s education in the pre-school years—control as in what they are taught, what their values are to be.

This reflects the reality that what children grow up believing is most often what they are taught. Remember, Hitler’s Youth during World War II. Reflect on Barack Obama’s youth and that his actions today mirror the belief system of the adults around him in his youth. How a child is raised is critical to their outlook on the world as an adult. Obama is proof positive of the validity of this (and why the warning signs of his failed presidency were clearly evident in 2008).

Patriotic American parents—those valuing America as an exceptional nation founded on a belief in our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—can no longer presume that our children’s educators share or are willing to teach these patriotic values. Through extreme political correctness and the traditional American virtue of not publicly questioning the values and intentions of others, the ultra-progressives have laid siege to our children’s educations. They are striving to make patriotism politically incorrect—to shame our children into an anti-patriotic belief system.

When you “swear allegiance” at the beginning of the Pledge of Allegiance, do these words not have real meaning to you? Or are you just being “politically correct” and going through the motions? Do your children see you taking the pledge of allegiance?

It’s now time to exercise your parental obligation to ensure that these patriotic values—if, indeed, you truly hold them to be important—are taught to your children. Teaching your children to be patriots is each parent’s patriotic obligation as this is how America, as an exceptional nation, continues into future generations. If you will not stand to protect their liberty and freedom, by educating them that they have God-given liberty and freedom and what these mean, exactly who do you think will do this?

I My Liberty!

Mike Snead
Dayton TEA Party

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