Feb 17

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Tea Party Patriots Weekly Legislative Update for 02/15/15—DHS funding bill; Obamacare; IRS emails


TPP Weekly legislative updateA key focus of this week’s legislative update was the Senate’s inaction on the Department of Homeland Security’s funding bill. It’s clear that even many “conservative” Senators, Ted Cruz among them, have not yet come to grips with the fact that their legal constitutional power to pass legislation only extends to constitutionally-permitted actions and does not convey to them the arbitrary power to pass laws funding or permitting unconstitutional acts. At issue is dropping the Senate rule requiring 60 votes to open a bill for debate or to have cloture on a bill to end debate. These senators are aghast that anyone should not hold this rule to have greater authority than their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

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Politics, in our constitutional republic, is about making decisions from among constitutionally-permitted actions. There is no escape clause in the oath of office of those in Congress to not abide by the Constitution when the political battles become too hard. Now that a federal judge has issued a temporary stay on the president’s executive orders, on the basis of the states’ challenge that orders are unconstitutional, there is no question that the Senate rule must be waived for this DHS funding bill. The House-passed bill makes the funding constitutional. The senators’ oath of office is now clearly the supreme Senate rule to be enforced.

Call Senator Mitch McConnell and tell him what you think: 202-224-2499

Call Senator Rob Portman and tell him what you think: 202-224-3353

Call Congressman Mike Turner and tell him what you think: 202-225-6465


TPP Weekly Legislative Update for 02/15/15
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