Jan 06

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The significance of the vote today for John Boehner as House speaker


Featured image DTP News 600 x 315With Republicans now in the majority in both chambers of Congress, 24 bold conservatives in the House sent a clear message to Speaker John Boehner that conservatives will hold him (and the Congressional Republican leadership) accountable for living up to the promises made to and the expectations of grassroots Republican voters. Have no doubt that the Republicans are in the majorityin Congress now due to these grassroots Republicans activism in 2010 and 2014.’

Why is this important? Grassroots Republicans are the key to the Republican presidential nominee winning the White House in 2016 and, equally important, Republicans maintaining a majority in the U.S. Senate in 2016. In “challenging” the election of John Boehner as speaker, these two dozen conservatives were reminding Boehner, the establishment/progressive wing of the Republican Party, and grassroots Republicans across America of this critical dependency.

That the establishment/progressive Republicans (and their media followers) failed today to discuss this aspect, but instead ridiculed the efforts of these bold House conservatives, is important to understand. The establishment/progressive wing wants grassroots Republicans to remain in the dark about the substantial political power they will hold in the 2016 elections. Once aware, however, the political leverage of this broad swath of voting Republicans will become significant in the coming two years. The actions of the bold House conservatives demonstrate that they understand what is coming and they intend, as nationally elected conservative Republicans, to serve as the bridge between these 2016-critical grassroots Republicans and the Congressional establishment/progressive Republican leadership these next two years. This is why their actions today were very significant to 2016.

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