Dec 12

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Boehner gruberizes Republican voters on budget


Boehner gruberizes Republican voters on budget

Speaker Boehner is playing conservatives for fools every bit as much as Jonathan Gruber. He jams through a 1700 page spending bill, which no one has read, giving the Democrats almost everything they asked for in the negotiation, while leaving conservatives in the ditch alongside his march to legislative triumph. To be clear, he built a political coalition with President Obama to overcome the objections of conservative Republicans in the House who were aiming to fulfill the very promise that Boehner made on Nov 6 to fight Obama’s Executive Order on illegal aliens “tooth and nail”.


Just last week on Dec. 4, the House voted 219-197 on a separate bill by Rep. Yoho to condemn Obama’s actions. Explicitly, the bill said: “President Obama’s grant of deferred action to more than 4,000,000 unlawfully present aliens, as directed in a November 20, 2014, memorandum issued by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Charles Johnson, is without any constitutional or statutory basis.”… “Any action by the executive branch with the purpose of circumventing the objectives of this section shall be null and void and without legal effect.”


What Boehner then did with the Omnibus bill yesterday was to provide funding to enable the president’s grant of deferred action to be implemented. Already a building is being leased in DC and people are being hired to start this process. Last week the House votes that the president’s action is unconstitutional and then, yesterday, Boehner turns around, ignores this vote, and joins forces with the same president to fund it! Boehner is every bit as much to blame for the trashing of the Constitution as Obama. Just like Obama, he now routinely lies to Americans.


Boehner implies that this deferred action will be fought in Feb AFTER he is re-elected Speaker in January. See the games he is playing with your trust!

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