Nov 27

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White paper: Criticism of Ohio’s Common Core Educational Standards


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Over this Thanksgiving weekend, this is a good time for concerned citizens/parents/grandparents to become familiar with the mandated Common Core educational standards now befuddling K-12 students and parents all across Ohio. Following a public presentation on the “merits” of these standards in my local school system, I investigated and found that much of the information presented was false and misleading. From this I wrote this white paper summary of my findings and personal conclusion that these are very harmful to our society, directly impacting our liberty. Common Core must be repealed! And soon!

[notice]A clear progressive political goal is to control our children’s educational process in order to control what they are taught and what they are NOT taught. Common Core is an implementation of this progressive agenda.[/notice]

Take action this weekend

Ohio HB 597 to repeal these standards is now in the Ohio House Republican caucus awaiting a caucus decision to bring it to the floor for a vote.To be very candid, a number of Republicans in the Ohio legislature are kowtowing to Gov. Kasich—and his desire to be a progressive Republican candidate for president in 2016—and are blocking the repeal of these standards. They want it to die when the current legislative session ends in December. Hence, it’s important for you as  concerned parents/citizens to understand the failings of Common Core and contact your state representative to express your opinion on what to do with these standards. Call them. Email them. (Get their phone number and email address here: OHIOHouseList.)

Pass this along to other parents

Click on the image below to open a version of the white paper suitable for reading on a PC or tablet. Below this is a second link to a print version of the paper. Download a copy of this and attach to your email to your state legislators and friends and fellow parents.

Many legislators feign ignorance of what is wrong with these standards. They are trying to fool you into thinking they are taking action when they are not. If this is not voted on and passed in the Ohio House and if there is not a bill in the Ohio Senate also passed, then Ohio Republicans in the legislature are against repealing Common Core and they must be held to account.


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