Nov 23

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After BIG Republican gains in the election, Hillary is just sure to give up! Right?


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Only strong grassroots Republican actions will win the White House for a conservative

Following the historic Republican gains in the U.S. Senate at the Nov. election, no one now really expects Hillary Clinton to buck the clear and obvious swing of American voters away from liberal/progressives. Right?The TEA Party Citizenry can pat ourselves on the back and go back to pre-2010 times of letting the establishment wing of the Republican Party take care of things. Right? No need to pay attention to what’s happening. Right?

As you and your family give thanks this coming Thanksgiving for the blessings of living in America, please reflect on the path ahead to the 2016 elections. Preventing Hillary Clinton or any progressive from just waltzing through Ohio on the way to the White House must now become our statewide rallying cry. Enjoy the holidays while recognizing that there is much for the TEA Party Citizenry in Ohio to do in the next two years. JOIN THE MOVEMENT Please make sure that you are getting the DTP emails.


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