Oct 12

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Greene County TEA Party meeting—Tues., Oct. 21, 7 PM


DTP featured image GCTP Oct 14 484 x 252The Greene County TEA Party will hold a general public meeting to kick-off its 2015 membership renewal/new member drive. The meeting will be held at the Beavercreek Fire Station 1, 2196 Dayton Xenia Rd, near N. Orchard Lane. The meeting will be held in the lower level Community Room. (The Fire Station is north of Route 35 at the Orchard Lane intersection.)

This meeting will begin the GCTP drive to renew existing members and sign-up new members for 2015. Now that the GCTP has completed the 2014 festival season by having our booth at five festivals across Greene County, in preparation for 2016, our activities are shifting to bring substantial more voter activism to Greene County. 

This meetings agenda is:

  • A meet and greet while viewing the 12 panels used at the GCTP festival booth to undertake community liberty-focused outreach to area voters.
  • A short presentation on the planned future activities of the Greene County TEA Party, a part of the Dayton TEA Party.
  • A showing of the new Tea Party Patriots documentary on the dangers of illegal immigration primarily coming from our open southern border. This is the video “The Border States of America”. No longer is this a problem for just the border states. As Montgomery County Sheriff Plummer recently explained to the DTP’s South Montgomery County Liberty Group, this is bringing hard drugs into our area, particularly heroin. The purpose of this video is to “arm” voters with the information to vote informed for candidates that share their values.

Membership for 2015 will be $24. New members joining now will get the rest of 2014 for free as a bonus. Membership is open to adults that share the GCTP’s core values of:

  • Protecting the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law
  • Promoting limited, effective, and transparent government
  • Promoting personal and governmental fiscal responsibility
  • Promoting the free marker system
  • Assuring the integrity, transparency, and accountability of all appointed and elected government officials.

Joining the GCTP as a formal member is encouraged for those liberty activists willing to support the community outreach activities of the Greene County TEA Party. While you don’t need to live in Greene County, this county is our area of focus. The GCTP is part of the growing regional Dayton TEA Party. JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

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