Sep 29

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DTP 198 x 198Aren’t you tired of the political madness afflicting our country? If America is a center-right nation, then why isn’t this reflected in our political leadership and national policies? A primary reason is that center-right voters lack a strong political voice in the political arena.

Like you, we want to fix this, starting with signing you up for our email so that we can engage with you in protecting our liberty. Why? We want you to be an informed voter and to have choice on the upcoming ballots so that you can vote for candidates that share your values and have the political integrity to follow these values.

To get ready for the critical 2016 campaigns, we need to expand our email list to include all liberty patriots, like you, from across the Miami Valley—Darke, Preble, Miami, Clark, Warren, Greene, and Montgomery counties. Why? Because Ohio election law requires us to use email, rather than Facebook or Twitter, to communicate with you regarding campaigns for local or state offices. Help us make a difference. Please sign up for DTP email. Remember, you can always unsubscribe as we use a professional email service.

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Mike Snead
Dayton TEA Party


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