Sep 18

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DTP president Mike Snead’s update—Frederick Douglass Republicans


Douglass and Lincoln on black 150I attended K. Carl Smith’s Frederick Douglass Republicans workshop on Monday and it was, as I expected, a liberty-encouraging event. Perhaps, it’s just me, but the message Mr. Smith conveys provides important understanding and encouragement to liberty activists that there is a way forward to right our listing ship of state.

If you are paying even a bit of attention to the political happenings in America, the underlying current of center-right voter concerns is the astonishing lack of values in our political leaders of both parties. We all need to become adept at filtering the information we receive from or about American politicians. The first filter we need to use is the understanding that American politics is all about WHO rules us and HOW they rule us. It is not about truth, justice, and the American way.

By our We the People votes, we grant our elected officials and the government officials they select and appoint—like federal judges—substantial legal authority to rule us. The old axiom is true that we get the government we deserve. If we elect people with poor values or lacking integrity, then we will get a poor government. If we elect those who will not uphold their oath of office, then we will get a lawless government. Fortunately, we still have the power of our votes to grant people of integrity and with good values the power to rule us. We can elect a government we desire if, and only, if we vote our values.

The critical elections in 2016 are shaping up to have a key central theme—Vote your Values! This is where the Mr. Smith’s Frederick Douglass Republicans message of four key American values becomes powerful. These values become a unifying theme that center-right voters of both parties can use to filter the information leading up to their vote choices in 2016. You can start to use this filter in the upcoming elections, if you choose.

Are you a Frederick Douglass Republican? Don’t know? Probably, you should find out.

P.S. This Saturday’s Columbus We The People Convention is a good place to start to lay the foundation of becoming an informed voter voting their values. Remaining an uninformed voter is a poor choice!

I ♥ My Liberty!

Mike Snead
Dayton TEA Party
The Miami Valley’s home of liberty activists

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