Sep 17

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Final reminder: Key liberty activist training at Sept. 20 We The People Convention


In George Washington’s time, to be effective on the battlefield, American men—liberty activists—had to learn how to drill and follow the commands for battle. That liberty battlefield still exists, but today we fight the battles with campaigns, not muskets. Thus, our “drill” is to learn how to campaign effectively in order to win elections. These are must-have skills for liberty activist today.

The Leadership Institute is a respected Washington DC-based candidate and campaign training organization. They will hold a day-long introduction to campaigning for candidates and grassroots activists on Saturday, Sept. 20, in conjunction with the upcoming We The People Convention in Columbus Ohio. The flyer below provides details. The cost is about $35 with lunch provided. 

The upcoming 2016 elections will be critical for liberty activists. We must engage in the political process starting at the county central committee races up through state offices. To be effective in these campaigns, we must obtain the needed training. This one-day event is an excellent starting point to understand campaigning, messaging, fund-raising, etc. 

Many people, when asked to engage in the political process that rules their lives, wonder how to do this. Well, this training is an excellent starting point. Go to this We The People Convention link for details. 

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