Sep 12

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9/12—5th anniversary of the TEA Party Movement


TEA Party Movement 5th anniversary today

On Sept. 12, 2009, “Taxed Enough Already” ordinary folks from across America flooded our nation’s capital to express our frustration with the excesses of government, the growing lack of integrity of elected and appointed officials, and the rising tide of abuse of the powers granted to our government by the People. We left the capitol with a new mindset of Totally Engaged Americans, now very much aware that to grant power to a government without engaged We the People oversight is a folly fraught with the danger of losing the liberty we Americans cherish.

Today is the fifth anniversary of this reawakening of ordinary folks to this danger and the beginning of a grassroots movement to reassert the fundamental constitutional right of We the People to politically control our government. Over these five years, while the dangers of abuse of power have unfortunately continued to grow, they are now slowing. Our efforts are having a positive and pronounced impact. The righting of the listing ship of state has begun. Earlier derided as “wackos” by political elitists, the importance of the TEA Party Movement’s core values are now very much evident to most Americans. The concept of liberty is now more than just a word in the history books.

As we move towards the 2016 elections—especially the critical primary elections—the TEA Party Movement will gain political strength. Center-right voters want their vote to count. They want true choice on the ballot. They want fair play in the selection, endorsement, and nomination of candidates, most especially those for the highest offices. They want honesty and integrity in the political process that rules their lives. They want elections where informed voters make a difference. They want elections where grassroots voters are respected. None of this will happen without the TEA Party Movement advancing these goals. None of this will happen without you, will it?

If you want these goals to be achieved, then JOIN THE MOVEMENT—become a community liberty activist personally acting on the clear responsibility all Americans have to protect and preserve our liberty. Join your local TEA Party group. Become a Totally Engaged American!

If not you, then who?
I ♥ My Liberty!


Mike Snead


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