Sep 10

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News!—House to rush vote on massive funding continuing resolution on Thursday


A short-term funding continuing resolution, to fund the Federal Government ONLY through December, has been hurriedly introduced and is now expected to be brought to floor for a vote on Thursday, Sept. 11. This is being done to force a Lame Duck session, after the election, to pass cronyism legislation that conservatives strongly oppose—perhaps, renewing the Export-Import Bank, adopting immigration reform, etc. Facing a critical election to take control of the U.S. Senate, establishment DC Republicans, like John Boehner, now appear quite willing to disenfranchise core center-right voters in the November election by preparing to pass cronyism legislation AFTER the election. And they are hiding all of this in the current news focus on the events in the Middle East. 

Watch this funding vote closely, especially if you are intending to vote in the upcoming election. Voters don’t owe any candidate or party their vote. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by politicians willing to sell their votes to special interests. Call your congressman and senator to let them know that you oppose such measures.

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