Aug 23

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Heritage Action Sentinel Weekly Update—8/14/14


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The 8/14/18 weekly Sentinel update addresses:

  • Export-Import Bank reauthorization legislation
  • Illegal alien’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Potential Lame Duck Session


Weekly Call Notes (8/18/14)

The House and Senate are not in session.

Recess Accountability Opportunities: See the list of town halls here.

Ex-Im Bank: Ex-Im has repeatedly cited aid to small businesses to justify its reauthorization. A recent inquiry by Mercatus Research Fellow Veronique de Rugy shows that many of these claims are misleading to say the least. Most government bodies have a much more precise definition of small business, whereas Ex-Im includes those with as much as $21 million in annual revenues. As de Rugy explains, even accepting this definition does the bank no favors:

[According to 2007] data from the Census Bureau’s Statistics of U.S. Small Businesses and from the Ex-Im Bank’s records… [i]f we make the unrealistic assumption that each small-business transaction through the Ex-Im Bank went to a unique small business, then only 0.04 percent of all small-business establishments were supported by Ex-Im Bank that year.

Moreover, these numbers do not account for the harm of subsidizing competitors and market distortions that hamper growth in other ways. Ex-Im’s charter expires at the end of September.

DACA Expansion: Press reports indicate that while the President is unlikely to implement his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) expansion plans in the immediate future, he certainly has not ruled them out. Under said expansion, the DACA policy, which has acted as a beacon of amnesty to foreign citizens seeking to enter illegally, would provide protections to as many as 5 million new unlawful immigrants. Sentinels are encouraged to keep a close eye on the President’s plans for continued lawlessness.

Potential Lame Duck: When Congress returns in three weeks, appropriators will attempt to prepare new funding measures for Fiscal Year 2015 which begins on October 1st. Given the unlikelihood that they will prepare all appropriations bills in time, many are speculating that a continuing resolution will be brought to the floor to fund operations into a lame duck session. Any continuing resolution needs to extend funding into the next session so as to avoid a lame duck.

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