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Oct 09

Hamas Terrorist Attack In Israel Shows Danger of Biden Policy on Iran

The evil and barbaric terrorist attack against Israel this weekend by Iran-sponsored Hamas reveals the dangerous actions of the Biden administration, which recently gave $6 Billion to the evil Iran government. And knowing that there are hundreds of terrorists

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Oct 02

Congressional Hearings Produce Devastating News For President Biden

Key Congressional testimony by the nation’s leading military leaders directly contradict statements by President Biden on Afghanistan, and highlight the disastrous consequences of President Biden’s decision not to follow his generals’ advice. The generals also testified that Biden’s bungled

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Sep 05

Fact-Checking 9 Major Biden Claims About Retreat From Afghanistan

“Throughout the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which began in mid-August and wrapped up just before midnight Tuesday in that nation’s capital, President Joe Biden made many comments that later proved to be inaccurate.”

A good record of …

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