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May 26

There is one group fighting for our freedoms. Read further

From Rep Nino Vitale: I am sorry to inform you that on a day when we honor those who gave up their lives to fight for our freedom, your government is denying you yours. Mike DeWine, John Husted and Amy…

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May 22

Back to School letter from Ohio Value Voters to ODE and Gov DeWine

Mr. Paolo A. DeMaria State Superintendent of Public Instruction 25 South Front Street, 7th Floor Columbus, OH 43215-4183 Cc: State Board of Education Members May, 20, 2020 Dear Mr. DeMaria: This letter is in response to the recently released Ohio…

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May 21

Its not dead, keep pressure on SB1

From Rep Nino Vitale So what the HADES happened yesterday (Wednesday) in Ohio? Look, I have always tried to be a straight shooter, even when it makes people in various places angry. I gotta give you fool-proof truth or I…

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May 20

Ohio Court: Forced Closure of Gyms Unconstitutional

Ohio Court: Forced Closure of Gyms Unconstitutional Health Department has no authority to close all business or create its own penalties Painesville, OH – An Ohio Court of Common Pleas Wednesday morning enjoined the Ohio Governor and Director of the…

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May 19

Ohio’s Future Foundation is launching its Feed the Frontline giveaway.

To help support local restaurants struggling due to state closures and to help businesses rebuild thru the opening period; and to thank our frontline workers of all different professions, Ohio’s Future Foundation is launching its Feed the Frontline giveaway. To…

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May 19

Affidavit submitted in lawsuit against Amy Acton on behalf of gym owners

The following is an Affidavit submitted in support of the 1851 Center’s lawsuit against Amy Acton on behalf of Ohio gym owners (CLICK HERE to read complaint).  Mr Wilson’s analysis highlights that like many states, Ohio’s decline in the case…

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May 13

Ohio Senates lack of decision continues to cripple Ohio’s economy..

In a “non-voting” session of the Ohio Senate, so that Senators could not object to his decision, Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof unilaterally “ruled” that the Ohio Senate would not even take up Senate Bill One which was passed by…

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May 08

What criteria our leadership should be using.

There are three criteria any leader should use in evaluating what has happened in our states and nation. 1. Medical. What are the KNOWN facts. Not assumptions. Not predictions. Not models that far too often provide completely inaccurate information. Facts.…

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May 04

Why would the Governor obey a new law when he’s not obeying current laws.

From Candace Keller: Ohio Politics 101: Our system of government is actually quite amazing with our system of checks and balances. The BIG challenge is PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS – EITHER THE STATE OR U.S. CONSTITUTION. It’s…

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May 03

GOP lawmaker proposes bill to ‘reopen Ohio’, revoke powers used by DeWine, Acton

State Rep. John Becker, R-Union Twp., sent out a cosponsor request to colleagues on Friday outlining his plans for a “Need Ohio Working NOW Act.” “I will soon introduce a bill to reopen society in Ohio without delay,” Becker said…

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Sep 15

Workplace Freedom Update for Week of 9/7

workplace-freedom-OHOhioans for Workplace Freedom volunteers were busy on Saturday collecting signatures in Hilliard at the Music and Craft Fair. This proved to be a good venue for Right to Work proponents as 166 signatures were collected.  With a little more…

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Sep 08

Feds Strike Back After Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Mary FallinBreitbart reports that the Obama administration has rescinded Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver in response to the state’s repeal of Common Core making it clear that the feds will not sit idly by as states assert authority over…

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Sep 08

Ohio Supreme Court Argument Tuesday: Can School Districts Raise Your Taxes Without a Vote?

18511851 Center argues that Indian Hill School District violated state law by raising property taxes without a vote, while already running huge budget surpluses and maintaining extravagant cash on hand.     Columbus, OH – The Supreme Court of Ohio will on…

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Sep 03

Common Core Fixes in Education MBR Not As Advertised

15497735-mmmainIf the Common Core Repeal Bill (HB 597) makes its way out of the House Rules and Reference Committee, look for the Kasich administration to point to reforms included in the Education Mid-Biennium Review Bill (HB 487) as the answer…

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