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Mar 17

Dewine and LaRose DO NOT have the Authority to Move an Election

From Representative Nino Vitale TODAY IS ELECTION DAY in OHIO Dewine and LaRose DO NOT have the Authority to Move an Election – Even during a crisis Here’s a timeline for you. 1. We have known about this Covid-19 issue…

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Feb 18

“CoupGate” – A Civil War is now Underway in the DOJ!

Posted by Glenn Newman Marietta 9-12 Project Amiasma of consternation lay heavy across the Potomac swamp late last week when former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe was let off the hook for lying to his own bureau while, elsewhere across…

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Feb 15

Pulling Back the Curtain on Refugee Resettlement

Published by Glenn Newman Marietta 9-12 Project     The Marietta Ohio 9-12 Project is hosting guest speaker Brenda Arthur, an authority on refugee resettlement policy and its effect on legislative outcomes and the culture of our communities.  A West…

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Jan 09

ORP to endorse primary candidates, making your vote irrelevant…

On Friday, January 10, 2020 the corrupt Ohio Republican Party will meet in Columbus,OH to endorse ALL candidates for state office as requested by the Ohio House and Senate Leadership. They are going to endorse in every House and Senate…

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Dec 02

NW Ohio Trump 2020 Kickoff Party

Thursday, January 9th. 2020 7 – 9 pm Find out what these local organizations are doing to ensure a Trump 2020 victory. Find out what you can do to help. Food and refreshments served Trump 2020 Campaign (Sarah Reynolds) Walk-Away…

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Oct 10

White House declines invitation to participate in US House Ukrainian discussion

Sadly, the news media once again mis-characterizes and misinforms the American public.  When the US House invites you to testify before them,  you’re at liberty to decline the invitation.  Fortunately,  we finally have a “Republican” President who doesn’t sit back…

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Oct 10

Red flag by any other name is still red flag

From Ohio Gun Owners: Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted launched their official attack on our gun rights Monday afternoon, and Steven, it is bad. Gun-control radicals in our legislature and across the state are overjoyed, giddy that…

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Sep 30

NW Ohio Conservative Coalition starts campaign opposing Perrysburg School Levy

Toledo, OH:  The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) has always supported prudent use of taxpayer money by government entities.  Local governments and school districts should request performance audits and implement the recommendations of those audits before requesting more taxpayer funds.…

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Sep 27

Arms Freedom Foundation hosts gun raffle

Win a gun or three Buy one ticket for $10 and have three chances to win one or all of these guns. Just contact a AFF board member to get your ticket. We plan to sell all tickets prior to…

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Sep 06

We the People Convention Announces Major Changes and Upgrades!

I am happy today to unveil to you a new look and many major upgrades to the We the People Convention’s communications infrastructure. These changes are the culmination of several months of hard work and will prepare our organization to…

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Sep 15

Workplace Freedom Update for Week of 9/7

workplace-freedom-OHOhioans for Workplace Freedom volunteers were busy on Saturday collecting signatures in Hilliard at the Music and Craft Fair. This proved to be a good venue for Right to Work proponents as 166 signatures were collected.  With a little more…

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Sep 08

Feds Strike Back After Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Mary FallinBreitbart reports that the Obama administration has rescinded Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver in response to the state’s repeal of Common Core making it clear that the feds will not sit idly by as states assert authority over…

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Sep 08

Ohio Supreme Court Argument Tuesday: Can School Districts Raise Your Taxes Without a Vote?

18511851 Center argues that Indian Hill School District violated state law by raising property taxes without a vote, while already running huge budget surpluses and maintaining extravagant cash on hand.     Columbus, OH – The Supreme Court of Ohio will on…

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Sep 03

Common Core Fixes in Education MBR Not As Advertised

15497735-mmmainIf the Common Core Repeal Bill (HB 597) makes its way out of the House Rules and Reference Committee, look for the Kasich administration to point to reforms included in the Education Mid-Biennium Review Bill (HB 487) as the answer…

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