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Aug 03

Herd Immunity – COVID19 end game

From Mike Wilson – Herd Immunity This is the endgame for our battle with COVID-19. Whether herd immunity comes from a vaccine, through enough people becoming infected, or a combination thereof, achieving this state is the only way back to…

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Jul 29

Speaker of the House and HB6

From Rep Nino Vitale As you may be aware, the Speaker of the House was put under FBI investigation. I feel I owe my district an official statement on the matter. First, there is a difference between policy and the…

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Jul 25

Trump signs Exec Order to lower Prescription Cost

From Mike Wilson: When I gave my first political speech 11 years ago at a little rally I organized that happened to draw 6,000 people, I was focused on debt, deficits and our future. Two points that I made were…

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Jul 23

Cattlemans Restaurant to re-open after winning lawsuit regarding masks.

Ohio Court: Health Departments Cannot Suspend Licenses Over Masks Ashland County Restaurant is protected by Ohio Constitution’s limits on arbitrary administrative action Ashland, OH – In the first attempt within Ohio to suspend a business license for an alleged mask…

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Jul 23

COVID19 Data doesn’t support restrictions placed on Wood County.

Here’s a snapshot of the COVID19 page from the Wood County Department of Health (WCDH). You can see their weekly updates on their web site. CLICK HERE The data in the 9 slides provide metrics that Wood County residents should…

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Jul 22

Health Departments Cannot Suspend Licenses Over Masks

Ohio Restaurants are protected by Ohio Constitution’s limit on arbitrary administrative enactments Ashland, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today, on behalf of an Ohio restaurant shut down by its local health department over its cook not wearing…

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Jul 20

DeWine veto’s SB55

UPDATE ON SENATE VOTE TO OVERRIDE DEWINE VETO OF SB55 BILL: These are the Original Senate votes on the SB55 Bill. The Vote was 18-10 in favor of the bill with 5 Senators not voting. A total of 20 votes…

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Jul 19

NWOCC Dinner to host Maurice Thompson as main speaker

Tired of sitting at home?  Is it time to get out of the house? NW Ohio Conservative Coalition presents SUNDAY, August 2nd 6:00pm (Doors open at 5:00pm) Graystone Banquet Hall and Conference Center 29101 Hufford Road, Perrysburg, OH 43551 “Overcoming…

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Jul 19

We the People Convention scheduled for Aug 15th

Patriots who are willing to work to re-elect Donald J. Trump President in 2020 are invited to attend a special We the People Convention Event to be held on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at the newly renovated Crowne Plaza-North Hotel…

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Jul 10

School Choice – setting the record straight

Setting the Record Straight We understand that not everyone supports school choice. We’re happy that they’re satisfied with their local school district. That’s what school choice is all about. We do, however, object to the myths and misinformation that some…

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Sep 15

Workplace Freedom Update for Week of 9/7

workplace-freedom-OHOhioans for Workplace Freedom volunteers were busy on Saturday collecting signatures in Hilliard at the Music and Craft Fair. This proved to be a good venue for Right to Work proponents as 166 signatures were collected.  With a little more…

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Sep 08

Feds Strike Back After Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Mary FallinBreitbart reports that the Obama administration has rescinded Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver in response to the state’s repeal of Common Core making it clear that the feds will not sit idly by as states assert authority over…

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Sep 08

Ohio Supreme Court Argument Tuesday: Can School Districts Raise Your Taxes Without a Vote?

18511851 Center argues that Indian Hill School District violated state law by raising property taxes without a vote, while already running huge budget surpluses and maintaining extravagant cash on hand.     Columbus, OH – The Supreme Court of Ohio will on…

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Sep 03

Common Core Fixes in Education MBR Not As Advertised

15497735-mmmainIf the Common Core Repeal Bill (HB 597) makes its way out of the House Rules and Reference Committee, look for the Kasich administration to point to reforms included in the Education Mid-Biennium Review Bill (HB 487) as the answer…

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