Jan 09

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The Real Threat to Democracy comes from the Democratic Party and their Media Allies


U.S. Capitol Building, Washington D.C.


John Goodman shows how Democratic Party leaders and the Left are the Real threat to Democracy:

“The chief villain in the left’s view of the world is, of course, Donald Trump – who is often described as “authoritarian” and “anti-democratic.” But how well does that description hold up?

  • Did Trump use the FBI and the intelligence agencies to spy on his enemies?

  • Did he use the IRS to try to remove the nonprofit status of groups whose political ends he opposed?

  • Did he use the IRS to expose his opponent’s tax returns?

  • Did he try to oust his opponents from their duly elected offices through phony charges and impeachment?

  • Did he try to criminalize political differences and put his opponents in prison?

The answer in each case is clearly “no.” Yet these things were done by Trump’s enemies. And they were done with no objection and general encouragement from the New York Times, the Washington Post and the mainstream broadcast media.”

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