Jul 11

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Miami Valley Citizens Informed (MVCI) Meeting Monday, July 19, 2021, ”FREEDOM’S NIGHTMARE” presented by Mr. Harald Zieger



MONDAY, July 19, 2021
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Washington Heights Baptist Church
5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45429
(Please note this will be the 3rd Monday due to holiday and speaker availability.)

Do Americans cherish their freedom?  Certainly those of you who attend meetings such as Miami Valley Citizens Informed do, but how many people are not even aware that our freedoms are being taken away at an alarming speed.  Our guest speaker this month will share his compelling story of what it was like to live under a communist dictatorship in East Germany and what we need to know to keep the same situation from happening here in the United States of America.

Please join us for ”FREEDOM’S NIGHTMARE” presented by Mr. Harald Zieger.   

Raised behind the Iron Curtain, fully indoctrinated with communist ideology, Harald Zieger was a card carrying member of the Communist Party of East Germany until his belief system was shattered by confrontation with God’s Word.  As an electronic engineer, he served at an East German Navy base until he was expelled for publicly declaring his faith.  After a ten-year battle with the “almighty” East German State Security Police (STASI) he was able to leave what he calls one of the largest prisons on earth.  

Harald realized his lifelong dream and was able to emigrate to the United States only to realize that his “American Dream” had turned into a nightmare!

   In the light of the situation of today’s public school education with the rewriting of history, the demeaning of our Founding Fathers, the vilification of our U.S. Constitution, and the promotion of the ideologies of socialism and communism, we encourage everyone to invite teens and young adults to hear Mr. Zieger’s life story.

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