Mar 01

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MVCI Meeting on Communism / Socialism this Monday, March 2, 2020


Monday, March 2, 2020
7:00 to 8:30 PM
Washington Heights Baptist Church
5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton OH
Please join us for a very interesting evening around the subject of Communism. Our guest speaker is someone who has lived it.  MVCI is please to have one of Dayton’s own, University of Dayton Professor, Dr. Lance Chen, as our guest speaker.
Dr. Chen grew up in China under the Communist regime.  As a teenager he was able to read a part of our U.S. Constitution, specifically our 1st Amendment and what he read made him determined to come to America.  He achieved that goal by coming to the USA in 2001.  He then applied for citizenship and was approved in 2016.  Dr. Chen has a doctoral degree from Ohio State University in the field of Industrial Engineering.  He now teaches logistics and operations management at the University of Dayton.  He and his family live in the Dayton area.   
Dr. Chen will share with us about what it was like to live under a Communist regime; what it meant to him when he learned about the liberties Americans take for granted under our capitalistic Constitutional Republic.  He will share some of the things that the Communist Chinese government does to control their people.  In addition, Dr. Chen will address the issue of trade with China and how trustworthy can we expect them to be.  What he shares will serve as a warning to all of us.
There will be a  Q & A so come with any questions you would like to ask.
We will also be showing a short 10 minute video of Mr. Trevor Loudon explaining how we have come to the point in America where media and our educational system have accomplished their goal of making socialism acceptable and even preferred by many Americans.  This is now to the level that a significant number of Americans are willing to vote for a “socialist” candidate for President.
Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, March 2nd.

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