Oct 20

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Ohio’s Issue 1 Ballot Proposal Called ‘Drug Dealer Amnesty Act’


Ohio’s “Issue 1” ballot referendum has polarized Ohio’s political and law enforcement communities ahead of November’s midterm elections.

On the one side you have virtually every law enforcement group in the state, Republican candidates like Mike DeWine for governor and Jim Renacci for U.S. Senate, and dozens of judges and prosecutors who are sounding an alarm. They all implore Ohioans to vote “no” on Issue 1.

On the other side you have Richard Cordray, the Democratic Party and billionaire liberals like George Soros, Nicholas Pritzker and Mark Zuckerberg.

These billionaires have thrown more than $2 million behind Issue 1, paying for advertisements that critics say are deceptive.

If cooler heads prevail, the Issue 1 backers will be trounced on Nov. 6, writes RNC co-chair and native Ohioan Bob Paduchik in an op-ed​ Thursday at Townhall.com.

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