Aug 09

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New York Times Shows Gross Anti-Christian Bigotry in their Attack on VP Mike Pence


Franklin Graham comments (via his Facebook page) on the anti-Christian bigotry of the New York Times and the need to pray for Vice President Pence and his family:

The New York Times published a slanderous, vile op-ed piece about Vice President Mike Pence. They were specifically attacking his faith, which really is an attack on all of us who believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I am disappointed that the New York Times would stoop so low. I’ve never seen such hatred poured out against such a good man. Vice President Pence is a dedicated public servant who is doing an exemplary job for our nation. Attacks like this against him and the Lord that He serves should remind us all to keep him in our prayers because he not only represents our country, but all who hold a deep and sincere faith in God. Pray for Vice President Pence, his wife Karen, and their entire family, that God would put a hedge of protection around them.


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