Oct 16

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CCV Presidential Race Election Guide Now Available


election-guide-2016-with-snip-of-pdf-pasted-into-ppt-saved-as-jpgIt is important for voters to realize that there are major differences on issues between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. To many conservatives, much of Clinton’s campaign (which includes most of the media) seems to be focused on insulting Donald Trump (including, perhaps, encouraging some women to tell questionable stories about Trump and, thereby, gain fame and possibly financial reward). Many believe that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is deliberately trying to distract the public from issues that are really important to the future of the country. For example, Hillary Clinton is for admitting tens of thousands of refugees from Syria into America, in spite of the fact that security experts warn that there is really no way to screen out terrorists.
To help return the focus to issues that are important to voters, Citizens for Community Values (CCV) has made available the Presidential Race Election Guide. Click HERE for a printable (PDF) copy of the Election Guide, and click HERE to go to the CCV website, which has additional documentation for the Election Guide, (such as references for footnotes in the Guide).

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