Jul 27

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“Hillary’s America” is a Must-See Movie!


Hillarys america-web-resA special message from Greene County TEA Party President Dennis Crouch:

My wife and I just returned from seeing “Hillary’s America” on the big screen. An excellent, wonderfully produced and directed movie about history, a history that starts much earlier than Hillary Clinton. We walked out of the movie somewhat stunned by what we saw and with a promise to encourage others to see it.

If you do nothing else before you step into the voting booth in November, you need to see “Hillary’s America, the Secret History of the Democratic Party” by Film Maker and author Dinesh D’Souza, now playing across the nation. I thought I knew my history but I found there were some very important pieces I was unaware of, a history long before Hillary. And of course during Hillary. I strongly suggest you see this movie along with your children, neighbors and all.


Denny Crouch, Greene County TEA Party President

Note: You may click HERE for information from the movie’s producer!

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