Apr 21

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Voter IQ Project: Ohio budget battle—yes to Medicaid reform; HECK NO to any Obamacare funding (call to oppose)


Voter IQ Project 20150421The Ohio legislature is engaged in the bi-annual state budget preparation. The governor (John Kasich) submits a proposed budget and the Ohio House examines, changes, and passes a budget to the Ohio Senate for action.

Governor Kasich’s proposed budget—as must now be expected of this progressive/bigger-government governor—would raise corporate and sales taxes and increase taxes on oil and gas production. So far, the Ohio House has rejected these and your fiscally conservative state representatives should be recognized for this action.

The following information is provided to update you on what is happening. At the end is an important request to call your state representative to support Medicaid reforms and to oppose any Obamacare funds integrated into the state budget.


Politics is all about WHO rules us and HOW they rule us

If you don’t like the “HOW”, you must change the “WHO”, right? This is done in the primary election coming up in 2016.

We need a conservative Republican in the White House to restore liberty to America. JOIN with other grassroots voters working to make this happen by signing the grassroots-led “Fair and Square Bargain” online petition. (There is no donation request associated with this.)


Ohio ranks 49th for 2003-2013 national economic ranking

“The Economic Performance Ranking is a backward-looking measure based on a state’s performance on three important variables: State Gross Domestic Product, Absolute Domestic Migration, and Non-Farm Payroll Employment—all of which are highly influenced by state policy—governor and state legislature. This ranking details states’ individual performances over the past 10 years based on this economic data.” Source: 8th edition, Rich States, Poor States. Ohio ranked 47th in state gross domestic product, 45th in absolute domestic migration (an indication of personal economic job potential), and 48th in non-farm payroll. All of these historical facts indicate that improved prosperity does not lie in higher taxes and bigger government.

Ohio ranks 23rd vs. Indiana at 3rd in 2015 State Economic Outlook Ranking

The same Rich States, Poor States analysis ranks Ohio substantially lower than Indiana (3), North Caroline (4), Texas (11), and Florida (15) for economic growth in 2015. This is based on 15 equally-weighted state policy variables.

Where would you expect a company to look to locate? Why is Gov. Kasich wanting to raise corporate taxes and personal sales taxes? Is job creation and personal economic prosperity really a priority for progressives like Gov. Kasich? Obviously not! Where will your kids and grandchildren move to find prosperity?

Buckeye Institute recognizes Ohio House budget actions

Contact: Greg R. Lawson


Ohio House Budget Moves Ohio Ahead


COLUMBUS, OHIO–On Friday, April 17, The Buckeye Institute released Ohio House Budget is a Big Step Forward, a review of the Ohio House of Representatives’ substitute budget bill for fiscal years 2016-2017. The report applauds the House for improving the budget in four key ways:


1. Pro-growth tax policies

2. Medicaid reforms

3. Less spending

4. Labor reforms

Lead author Greg Lawson stated, “Speaker Rosenberger and the Ohio House shouldn’t need Don Draper to sell this budget bill to the public. The House budget makes sensible reforms to key government programs, contains sound tax policies, and restrains government spending so that Ohio businesses and families can thrive.”

The Governor’s budget proposed to lower the state income tax by raising the commercial activities tax (CAT) on business gross receipts, the severance tax on shale oil and gas extraction, and the state sales tax. The House opted for more equitable and pro-growth tax policies echoing The Buckeye Institute’s Tax Reform Principles for Ohio.

The report also praises the House’s bold reduction of overall General Revenue Fund spending relative to the Governor’s proposed budget. Additionally, the report analyzes important reforms to both the Medicaid program and to labor agreements for public works projects.

# # #

Founded in 1989, The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions is an independent research and educational institution — a think tank — whose mission is to advance free-market public policy.

From Ted Stevenot (Ohio Rising)—call to oppose Obamacare funding

“Call your State Rep and tell him or her that reforms to Medicaid and funding for Obamacare are separate issues. Any vote for a budget that includes Obamacare funding is a vote for Obamacare. Ohio’s Reps must say NO to Obamacare dollars in our state.”

Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion in Ohio—rammed through by Kasich—has brought in over 500,000 new single, work-able adults. Children, the disabled, women with children, etc., are already covered under Medicaid. This Medicaid Expansion is costing our children $2-3 billion each year in new federal debt. That’s roughly $1000 of new federal debt—Kasich’s so-called free money—on each of your children each year to pay for adults. Kasich calls this compassion. We call this fiscal servitude! Why should a child be involuntarily forced to be responsible for debt to pay for single, work-able adults. If the state reps vote to accept Federal Obamacare funding for Medicaid Expansion in any form, they are putting this debt on our children.

Also from Ted Stevenot—call Ohio House Speaker Rosenberger to thank him for keeping Kasich’s new taxes out of the state budget.



(This may take a moment to open.)


State Rep. Fred Strahom (D-39) (614) 466-1607

State Rep. Michael Henne (R-40) (614) 644-8051

State Rep. Jim Butler (R-41) (614) 644-6008

State Rep. Niraj Antani (R-42) (614) 466-6504

State Rep. Jeffery Rezabek (R-43) (614) 466-2960

State Rep. Margaret Conditt (R-52) (614) 466-8550

State Rep. Timothy Derickson (R-53) (614)-644-5094

State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (R-54) (614) 644-6027

State Rep. Ron Maag (R-62) (614) 644-6023

State Rep. Rick Perales (R-73) (614) 644-6020

State Rep. Bob Hackett (R-74) (614) 466-1470

State Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-79) (614) 466-2038

State Rep. Stephen A. Huffman (R-80) (614) 466-8114

State Rep. Jim Buchy (R-84) (614) 466-6344

State Rep. Nino Vitale (R-85) (614) 466-1507

State Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R-91) (614) 466-3506

– Current House Speaker

State Rep. Gary Scherer (R-92) (614) 644-7928


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