Mar 10

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DTP 7 PM Update: The March 2016 Ohio Republican primary will provide the opportunity to “un-elect” faltering officials


DTP 7 PM 1-minute update bannerIn the spring, 2014 primary, then House of Representatives Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor was un-elected from office. He was defeated by a pro-TEA Party candidate focused on traditional conservative grassroots values and public policy positions. Even though substantially outspent by Cantor during the campaign, strong grassroots support for the opponent un-elected Cantor and created the new term to be “cantorized”.

Key to Cantor’s un-election was his disconnect from his grassroots Republican voter base. Caught up in the inside-DC politics and unduly focused on his political career, he failed at Job #1 to represent his voter base. His un-election reflected his loss of support among his voter base. It was a well-deserved un-election.

The ability to un-elect similar elected officials will come here in the March 2016 Republican primaries. What local, state, and federal elected official do you think should be cantorized? It’s now time to be thinking about this. Who is reflecting your values and public policy positions? Who is not?

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