Feb 28

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DTP noon Update: #mitchmcconnell is now President Obama’s “gatekeeper” replacing Harry Reid—how wonderful is this?


DTP featured image McConnell wants amnestyThe fiasco of the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) brings to the forefront a very important political question. Why has Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell taken over Harry Reid’s role as the “gatekeeper” to stop critical legislation from reaching the desk of the president?

Step back and think about what has happened these past several months and weeks. McConnell indicated his intent to use his new political power as Senate Majority Leader to stop Obama on legalizing illegal aliens. Then, he throws away his “hold card” by saying that he will not shut down the government. Next, he decides to hold the Senate rule, regarding the need for 60 votes to begin or end debate, to be superior to his obligations to uphold the Constitution taken freely when he took office. This returns Harry Reid to, effectively, be the Senate Majority Leader because we are back at what Harry wants, so goes the Senate.

Does this not strike you as being absurd? By every indication, McConnell has voluntarily taken on the role of subverting the will of the majority of voters that put the Republicans into power in the Senate. McConnell is returning control of the Senate legislative agenda to Reid. McConnell is, therefore, the new gate keeper protecting the president from having to veto critical legislation. Why??????

On illegal immigration, the only conclusion is that the progressive, establishment Republicans want this issue OBE (overcome by events) before the Republican presidential campaigning begins and establishment candidates must speak to grassroots Republican voters on the immigration policies they favor. These candidates want to say it’s “too bad” that the illegal aliens have already been legalized, but that’s water over the dam. Thus, McConnell has lied to grassroots Republican voters. He is acting to promote pro-amnesty establishment candidates rather than acting on the clear wishes of the voters that put him into power to stop this DHS bill that funds illegal and unconstitutional actions by the government.

Further, this new “playbook” lets establishment Republicans work with D’s in the Senate to pass legislation they favor while trying to gruberize grassroots Republican voters that they don’t have the power to stop Obama and, certainly, can’t shut down the govenrment. Clearly, they hold us to be stupid or complacent? Are you either of these?

Watch closely what Ohio Sen. Rob Portman says about this issue, if anything. Call him to let him know what you think. Call Congressman Turner as well. Heck, call Sen. McConnell and tell him what you think of him.

Call Senator Mitch McConnell and tell him what you think: 202-224-2499
Call Senator Rob Portman and tell him what you think: 202-224-3353
Call Congressman Mike Turner and tell him what you think: 202-225-6465


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