Feb 27

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DTP 7 PM update: Within our nation’s “capitol”, the U.S. Constitution is dead among the establishment Republican Party


DTP 7 PM 1-minute update bannerSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, barely two months into his first term as majority leader, has thrown the U.S. Constitution under the bus and with it any possibility of the new Republican majority halting the illegal and unconstitutional abuse of power of the “president” of the United States to legalize illegal aliens. He did this by holding the Senate’s rule requiring 60 votes to open a bill to debate as being superior—repeat, as being SUPERIOR—to his obligation under his oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution. There is no constitutional requirement for 60 votes. There is a constitutional requirement that no action be taken contrary to the specific powers granted to Congress or the president by the people through the Constitution.

If this is not of profound concern to all grassroots Republican voters, it is hard to imagine circumstances where the so-called Republican Party leadership has all but publicly abandoned any pretense of being public servants and elected representatives of our constitutional republic. They are, in fact, partners with Obama in this abuse of power by their own choice to abandon the U.S. Constitution.

Where do you stand?

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