Feb 26

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DTP noon Update: #mitchmcconnell surrenders to Obama’s “Pearl Harbor” sneak attack


DTP featured image McConnell wants amnestyPresident Obama is intentionally violating his constitutional powers to give amnesty to illegal aliens. O’Reilly said this last night. President Obama is showing contempt for a federal judge and his order to cease his illegal and unconstitutional actions. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fully supporting President Obama in this with his “you are stupid” excuses to grassroots Republican voters that the 60-vote Senate rule is stopping him from acting. The rule is easily changed. Reid did this last year. Hence, this is a ruse. It is a lie and he has been doing it for months. McConnell is a progressive, establishment Republican wanting bigger government, more government spending, and has total disregard for his oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

The Ohio Secretary of State has said that with SS numbers and drivers licenses it will be virtually impossible to stop illegal aliens from voting. Read this again. McConnell is selling out your vote! He is doing this intentionally!

It’s now up to the House of Representatives to hold the line and REFUSE to fund these illegal and unconstitutional actions.

Call Congressman Mike Turner to let him know that he must oppose these illegal and unconstitutional actions—that he must uphold his oath of office.

Call Senator Mitch McConnell and tell him what you think: 202-224-2499

Call Senator Rob Portman and tell him what you think: 202-224-3353

Call Congressman Mike Turner and tell him what you think: 202-225-6465

Bottom Line: It’s time for you to acknowledge that many Republican “leaders” are intentionally deceiving you. It’s time to take back the Republican Party!

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Or are you still in denial?

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