Feb 25

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Welcome to the Department of the Internet—Obama’s takeover of the Internet


If you like your Internet you can keep your Internet!

We have to pass the bill before we find out what is in the bill!

Sound familiar?

The FCC is set to vote on Feb 28th on a 332 page rule set to declare the Internet a utility under Title II of the telecommunications act of 1934. In 1934 the Internet didn’t even exist as we have it today. Was this type of regulation what Congress intended when this bill was passed? This entire rule set is being held secret until after the vote to put it into effect.


What will be the result?


  • All innovation will cease!
  • Plan on getting a license to start an Internet business with fees, paperwork & the uncertainty of what government will do to your business at a crucial point in your development.
  • Expect the government to impose new fees, charges and taxes that will divert dollars away from investment and into the government treasury. You will most likely see a renewed push for an Internet Sales Tax.
  • Watch the lobbyists flock to Washington DC to court the favors of politicians to create favorable regulations (& exemptions). Who do you think actually writes these regulations.
  • Large users will pass Internet traffic through with high bandwidth without raising fees to their own customers (think Netflix). Instead they will socialize their costs across the entire Internet with you wondering why your ISP fees are going up & up. Competition will fail to control prices and the free market will no longer be free.


Without owning the Internet, the FCC (an “independent” federal agency) will control and set priorities. Whose priorities will they follow? – Yours? -Mine? — Not a chance!!


What does history tell us about regulation?

  • Innovation in the power grid stopped while controlled monopolies were put into place under state regulatory control – Think the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) – that controls the rates. The supposed purpose was to prevent multiple companies from investing in massive infrastructure to match their networks. Only outside their original regulatory state has innovation in energy generation & distribution flourished.


  • Innovation in telecommunications ceased under telephone network utility regulation while a controlled monopoly (think the original AT&T) was created. Only by less regulation and antitrust action has innovation bypassed the ancient telephone networks. The monopoly was created by the regulations.


  • Innovation in our airlines, resulting in lower prices allowing ordinary citizens to fly, only occurred AFTER the airlines were DEREGULATED. Today competition amongst the airlines is dynamic and reaping great benefits for those normally least able to afford air travel.


The Internet has flourished without heavy-handed guidance from government. The power of the Internet has advanced the freedom and power of the individual over the tyranny of the collective forces of an overbearing government.


These FCC rulings are not about net neutrality or stopping big corporate gatekeepers. This is about Internet control by government! What problem are they trying to solve? They are not trying to help you or me. Do you believe they will let you speak freely about anything important to keeping them in power?


I don’t think so!


Raise your voice is now! Call your representative to delay this action. Demand that the rules be made public before any decisions are made. Do your homework and know who and why these rules are being pushed forward.


Keep the Internet free. Whom do you trust? The capitalist corporation competing for your business? OR The federal government with siren songs about Net Neutrality while subverting your freedoms behind your back.


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By: Len Pohlar

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