Feb 24

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DTP 7 PM Update—#mitchmconnell appears ready to fold and approve illegal/unconstitutional actions to legalize illegal aliens


DTP 7 PM 1-minute update bannerTwo-months into his first term as Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell has surrendered, or so it appears, to the D’s and Obama. The House of Representatives sent him a strong hand to play to use to force the D’s and President Obama to stop the illegal and unconstitutional executive actions to legalize illegal aliens. So what does Sen. McConnell do—he folds, giving into the D’s, while disarming the Republicans in the process.

With the help of “moderate” Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVA), Sen. McConnell appears to promoting a sham vote to take away the R-controlled “power of the purse” leverage by separating the defunding amendments from the DHS funding bill, voting on the clean funding bill—that would fully fund the illegal and unconstitutional actions—send this to the president for signature, and ONLY THEN vote on a separate bill to defund these illegal and unconstitutional actions. Of course, the president will veto this separate bill and his illegal and unconstitutional actions will be funded.

Sen. McConnell, should he pursue this path, is showing his weakness as Senator Majority Leader barely two months into his first term. What does this foretell for the next two years? He is just another Harry Reid, is he not? He promised to stop this last year when promoting support to put him and the R’s in control of the Senate. He supported the measure to fund DHS into the new year rather than dealing with this last fall. Either Sen. McConnell has some key cards in the hole, ready to play, or all of this has been a sham from last fall.

Sen. Manchin claims this would take the politics out of this. Hardly. Politics only pertains to legal and constitutional choices, it doesn’t extend to illegal and unconstitutional choices. A federal judge has made a preliminary ruling indicating that much of these executive actions are illegal and unconstitutional. A vote to fund illegal and unconstitutional actions is not politics but lawless tyranny no different from what the president tried to do.

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