Feb 24

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Emergency phone/email/Twitter action to @repmiketurner needed to stop HR5 expanding the fed takeover of K-12 education


The conservative alarm bells are going off across the country on federal HR5 (Student Success Act) that will extend and expand the federal K-12 education takeover of 2001’s No Child Left Behind. This is the bill that Obama used to promote and implement Common Core. It’s bad legislation being rushed through by progressive R’s and D’s in the House of Representatives.

Call or email Congressman Mike Turner 202-225-6465 @repmiketurner to urge him NOT to vote to authorize HR5.

Join the Tweetfest on this today from 4 pm to 7 PM using the hashtag #stopNCLB.

When Congress acts in haste, its acts in waste and often in disregard of your moral and constitutional rights.

Heritage Action advocates a no vote on this bill. They did not that expected amendments would address conservative concerns, but these have yet to be introduced and adopted.


Posted: 23 Feb 2015 01:54 PM PST

Congressional Leadership Is Bull-Rushing Through HR5, the 600 Page Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (rebranded the “Student Success Act”)

The House votes on it this week.  Call your Representative and call the Speaker of the House and tell them to vote “no” on HR 5!


Below are just a few of the problems.

1. HR5 Denigrates Parental Rights and Seizes State Sovereignty

  • No program shall “operate within a State, unless the legislature of that State shall have . . . waived the State’s rights and authorities to act inconsistently with any requirement that might be imposed by the Secretary as a condition of receiving that assistance.” (Sec. 6561) (emphasis added).
  • Federal requirements will trump the rights “reserved to the States and individual Americans by the United States Constitution” to lead in the education of their child. (Sec. 6564)
  • Requires states to change laws and regulations to “conform” to HR5. (Sec. 1403)
  • Alters the governance structures of states by requiring them to form “Committees of Practitioners” to whom the state must submit rules and regulations. (Sec. 1403)

2. HR5 Does Nothing to Relieve Children From No Child Left Behind’s (NCLB’s) Oppressive Testing Requirements.

3. Feds Will Effectively Direct State Education Policy through Enhanced Continuation of Heavy-Handed NCLB Policies

  • Requires states to demonstrate to the federal government that their standards, assessments, and state accountability systems meet the goal of “prepar[ing] all students to graduate high school for postsecondary education or the workforce.” (Sec. 1001)
  • Requires states to submit comprehensive state plans, which the Secretary can disapprove. (Sec. 1111)
  • States had to make the same showing and meet the same definitional goal to receive NCLB waivers and Race to the Top grants.. HR5 allows for a Common Core “rebrand.”  (Sec. 1001) and (Sec. 1111(3)(A))
  • Prohibitions against the Secretary forcing states into adopting Common Core are meaningless.

4. Increases Federal Data Collection To Control Curriculum

  • Empowers the Department of Education to request individual student and teacher data from State and Local Education Agencies.
  • Authorizes substantial new funding to use this data to evaluate whether schools are using “effective” instructional methods.  (Sec. 2111(b)(1)(A)) and (Sec. 2132)

The above information is originally from the Parents Against the Common Core website.

The meme and following four bullet points come from the Missouri Education Watchdog.

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