Feb 20

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DTP noon Update: Miami Valley Ohio REPUBLICAN Senators took nearly $130K from unions in 2014


DTP Noon 1-minute updateThis data is for 2014 donations and was taken from this article at Ohio Watchdog:

“Labor unions fund 22 of 23 Ohio Senate Republicans” by Jason Hart

Do these politicians share your values?

State Senator Bill Beagle (R-5) (614) 466-6247

    – $51,400 from 14 unions

State Senator Chris Widener (R-10) (614) 466-3780
– $34,850 from 16 unions

State Senator Keith Faber (R-12) (614) 466-7584

    – $23,700 from 12 unions

State Senator Shannon Jones (R-7) (614) 466-9737

    – $6,500 from 4 unions

State Senator Bob Peterson (R-17) (614) 466-8156

    – $6,500 from 4 unions

State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-6) (614) 466-4538

    – $5,000 from 3 unions

Financial integrity is fundamental to grassroots Republican voter values. Only one Ohio Republican state senator—Kris Jordan—didn’t take union contributions in 2014. That the others did raises the question of quid pro quo with respect to key conservative public policy issues being stalled in the Ohio.

Why is Ohio not yet a right-to-work state?

Why has Common Core not yet been repealed?

Why was the heart-beat bill not enacted?

Why is foreign law not being excluded in Ohio?

Why is paycheck protection not yet implanted?

Why has Medicaid Expansion not been stopped?

Why is the Ohio legislature letting progressive
Gov. Kasich pursue his progressive legislative agenda?

Why are taxes going up?


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