Feb 20

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DTP 7 PM Update: Quick truths about heroin and its growing impact on our children


DTP 7 PM 1-minute updateWith the crackdown on the illicit use of the powerful pain medication OxyContin, the heroin market has exploded. Much of this is coming from Mexico funneled through the porous border where the border agents are intentionally being preoccupied with the growing numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border. This is not a coincidence.

Heroin is now widely available here in the Miami Valley. It is cheap to start—often given as free samples or as heroin-laced marijuana. The heroin is often mixed with a power painkiller fentanyl that produces a deadly mixture often resulting in addicts dying with the needle still stuck in their arm. Often, the addict thinks they are buying heroin only to get pure fentanyl.

Heroin is extremely addictive for many people. It robs people of their personal liberty. Destroys their future. Damages families.

From the Clermont Tea Party, here are some key facts that parents need to know:

One question frequently asked is, “What makes heroin so addictive?”


“The active opiate-based ingredients in heroin create a pleasurable sensation in the individual that “fool” the parts of the brain that naturally create good feelings. Over time, the body will begin to shut down its own natural creation of pleasure – as the heroin has taken over this responsibility. The problem is, when the individual is not using heroin, they will experience significant discomfort, as the body is not creating any pleasure on its own. The only way to feel good (or not feel bad) is to use more and more heroin. When this occurs, the individual is technically addicted to heroin.” Source.


One question frequently asked is, “How long does it take to withdraw from heroin?”


“The initial comedown of heroin withdrawal can vary in time and intensity, and although typically withdrawal symptoms will begin 6 to 12 hours after the last dose, peaking within 1 to 3 days, and gradually subsiding over 5 to 7 days. However, some users experience weeks or months of withdrawal symptoms, known as post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).” Source


Finally, “How much does heroin cost on the street?”


“The price of heroin on the street depends upon a number of different factors – including the type of heroin in question, how it was “cut” and processed, as well as the availability in public at that given time.


Generally, the following holds true about heroin street cost:

  • The average cost of a single dose of heroin (purchased on the street) is approximately $10 – $25.
  • The heroin price depends upon its purity and the availability of the drug in the area at that given time.
  • An individual with a “hard-core” heroin habit may pay $150 – $200 per day in order to support his or her habit.

The reason for this last point has its roots in the nature of heroin addiction. As an individual becomes more dependent on the drug, they will build a tolerance to it – meaning that it takes more and more heroin to get high. This leads to an expensive habit – and the constant threat of overdose.” Source


Recently, a mom related how her child, returning from rehab, started to again use heroin. Unfortunately, the child started back at the same dosage as when they stopped. The child died of an overdose. Heroin addiction is not victimless. Selling heroin is not a victimless crime. Protect your children.

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