Feb 19

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Heritage Sentinel: Republicans in U.S. House pushing poorly written HB5 to renew No Child Left Behind for 7 years


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From Heritage Sentinel: No Child Left Behind Reauthorization: On Wednesday, February 11th, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce sent H.R. 5 to the House floor. It is anticipated a floor vote will occur next week. Heritage Action opposes H.R. 5. Supporters claim that the bill restores autonomy to states, eliminates programs, allows local schools to make their own funding decisions, and “limit[s] the federal role to ensuring parents have the information they need to judge the quality of their children’s schools.” None of these claims are accurate. The bill actually mandates the following:

Yearly testing in grades 3-8 and once again in high school (the same testing mandate as NCLB).

A single statewide curriculum.

— Same-level funding for programs, merely consolidating many programs instead of eliminating them.

— A statewide accountability structure with “a system of school improvement interventions to be implemented at the local level for…schools the state determines to be poorly performing.”

Sentinels are encouraged to contact their member of Congress and urge him or her to oppose H.R. 5. Call Congressman Mike Turner and tell him what you think: 202-225-6465


K-12 education is a state responsibility undertaken at the local level in our communities. Having good local public education is an adult responsibility of the community where an effective educational partnership between parents and the local school system is created locally. Trying to establish effective K-12 education top-down is largely ineffective and often wasteful as state and federal governments attempt to “buy” educational success by bribing local school administrators with free grant money attached to strong policy “strings”.

There is no mention of education in the U.S. Constitution as being a federal responsibility. Recall that the Federal Government’s powers are those explicitly granted in the Constitution. Hence, all federal education programs are, inherently, attempts to impose educational success on the states and communities.

This federalization of K-12 education program began in 1965 during President Johnson’s Great Society socialism legislation. The 2001 “No Child Left Behind” legislation was a 2001 update to the original 1965 legislation. It was proposed by President George W. Bush and sponsored by Rep. John Boehner (now Speaker) and Sen. Edward Kennedy, among others. What is key to this intrusion of the federal government in the area of K-12 education is the requirement that a single, uniform curriculum be imposed in each state. This takes curriculum control away from local school districts. The Obama administration then used the No Child Left Behind legislation to pump billions into K-12 education to facilitate the states’ adoption of the national uniform Common Core educational standards. President Bush created a policy need for a uniform curriculum that progressives eagerly filled with Common Core.

The U.S. House is now pushing forward with the 600+ page HB5 “Student Success Act” legislation to renew No Child Left Behind. Here is a good summary of the legislation.

HB5 is set to be voted on in the House to renew the No Child Left Behind legislation for 7 years making it impossible for a new Republican president to change this federal intrusion. Here is what Heritage Sentinel reports on why this legislation should be opposed. It is important to note that this does NOT stop Common Core, as some R’s appear to be saying. Stopping Common Core is up to each state.


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