Feb 17

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DTP 7 PM Update—Ultra-progressive Democrat and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is preparing to run for the U.S. Senate in 2016


DTP 7 PM 1-minute update bannerUltra-progressives seek political power often with unabashed disregard for their past political failures. Former Gov. Ted Strickland is one of these ultra-progressives. When he was defeated for reelection in 2010, he left an $8 billion hole in the state budget. Now, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that 73-year old former Gov. Strickland is talking to potential donors about funding a 2016 campaign for the U.S. Senate to oppose Republican Senator Rob Portman who is up for reelection. Also in the running for the Democratic position is a 30-year old Cincinnati City Councilman.

Ohio will be a critical swing state in 2016. Grassroots Republican voters need to organize to bring a Republican victory in the general election. We can’t count on the Kasich-led Ohio Republican Party to do this. They lost twice to Obama and lost in trying to un-elect ultra-progressive Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in 2012. A Republican victory in Ohio in 2016 is clearly in the hands of grassroots Republican voters.

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