Feb 17

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DTP noon Update: Fed Judge agrees with 26 states and halts President Obama’s executive action to legalize illegal aliens


DTP Noon 1-minute update bannerA key element of President Obama’s executive action to legalize illegal aliens was due to begin tomorrow. Twenty-six states, Ohio among them, sued in federal court to stop this action on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, Brownsville, Texas, issued a temporary injunction halting. While the injunction is temporary, the action establishes an expectation that, at least, this judge views the actions as likely being unconstitutional. The Obama administration will appeal as they have argued that “The truth is that the directives will substantially benefit states, will further the public interest, and are well within the President’s broad authority to enforce immigration law.” Do you agree with this statement?

A key point in this is that this ruling adds weight to the argument that Congress has no legal power to vote to fund an unconstitutional act or expenditure of federal funds to enable the legalization of illegal aliens. Hence, the House passed bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security with the amendments preventing such expenditures must now be passed by the Senate. There is no constitutional authority of the Congress to do so—period. There can be no negotiation to accept an unconstitutional act as any negotiation can only be to enable constitutional acts. Hence, any Republican Congressman or Senator who votes for such an unconstitutional act must be challenged in the 2016 primary if they are up for reelection. They are violating their oath of office, are they not? Further, any Senate rule that prevents the Senate from acting in accordance with the Constitution must be set aside.

This is a very clear example of why knowing your Constitution is vital to protecting and defending your liberty. It is your legal armor against tyranny. Don’t you want to know more about the Constitution?


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