Feb 15

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Two important readings on why the progressive Common Core educational standards need to be repealed in Ohio and across the nation


DTP Common CoreThe Common Core educational standards have transformed K-12 education, but not for the better. Progressive politicians, Ohio Gov. John Kasich among these, will not have reasoned public debates about the failure of these standards. They refuse to attend public forums where knowledgeable experts speak to these failures. Rather, they fall back to well-tread progressive political rhetoric of falsely and outrageously labeling the opposing view as “hysteria”, to use Gov. Kasich’s own word.

Every parent needs understand what is happening in K-12 education if they, indeed, care about their children’s education. Here are two readings that every parent should read:

Grassroots voters, looking around, will see that progressives are trying to assert control of everything—energy production, education, immigration, healthcare, banking, internet, etc. Do you think that these efforts are benign; that they are seeking to better America? Has Obamacare bettered America? Will granting amnesty to lawbreaking illegal aliens better America? Is our national security situation improving? This is silent, insidious progressive revolution underway that will destroy liberty in America. Only grassroots Republican voters can stop this in 2016 and return this country to its constitutional land of liberty.


and work with other liberty activists here in the Miami Valley
to protect our children and grandchildren

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