Feb 12

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DTP noon update: OH House passes HB7 to protect students opting out of taking the PARCC tests; now on to the OH Senate


DTP Noon 1-minute update bannerYesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives passed HB7 that prevents the choice of parents to opt their children out of the Common Core-focused PARCC proficiency testing from negatively reflecting on the student’s school records. The bill now goes to the Ohio Senate for action. Here are the contact points to urge the Senate to take action quickly on this bill. Note that our local State Senator Peggy Lehner is chair of the Senate Education Committee and Senators Peterson and Widener are on the committee.

PARCC testing is now starting and will continue through much of the rest of the year. Read this letter on the impact this is having on our children. This is progressive oppression and Gov. Kasich supports this!

Senator Lehner has previously been a proponent of Common Core and blocked previous legislation to repeal Common Core in Ohio.


(This may take a moment to open.)


State Senator Bill Beagle (R-5) (614) 466-6247

State Senator Keith Faber (R-12)
(614) 466-7584

    – Senate Majority Leader

State Senator Shannon Jones (R-7)
(614) 466-9737

State Senator Peggy Lehner (R-6) (614) 466-4538

State Senator Bob Peterson (R-17) (614) 466-8156

State Senator Chris Widener (R-10)
(614) 466-3780
President Pro Tempore

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