Feb 10

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DTP noon update—Common Core PARCC testing waiver; call state rep today to urge support for HB 7 in floor vote on Wed.


DTP Noon 1-minute update bannerProgressives demand to control your children’s education. The Common Core educational standards is their tool. State law adopting Common Core also implemented proficiency testing of students against this standard. This testing is extensive; lasting for weeks.

The curriculum used to teach is now totally focused on getting good results on the proficiency testing so that the school administrators, teachers, teachers’ unions, and politicians the unions support look good. The schools have no choice because the proficiency testing is mandated by the state. The quality of the education is of secondary importance.

In Ohio, this testing is required to be done by PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). PARCC testing starts this week and will run through most of the rest of the school year. Weeks of educational opportunity are being lost.

Parents can opt their students out of taking the PARCC testing. The purpose of House Bill 7, to be voted on as an emergency action in the Ohio House, is to prevent a student who has opted out from being penalized in any way. HB 7 provides a “safe harbor” for students just as the Ohio legislature has already provided for teachers with respect to any negative impact on the teacher’s pay or evaluation based on the PARCC results.

Attend the vote in the House chambers starting at 1:30 PM on Wed.

Urge your family and friends to call. (locate your Representative at this link.)


Learn more about HB7 and Wednesday’s vote from Ohioans Against Common Core at this link.


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