Feb 08

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Health Care Compact legislation re-introduced in Ohio


Stop Obamacare 300One constitutional escape clause from Obamacare is the creation of a Health Care Compact. Recall that in 2011, 66% of Ohio voters passed a state constitutional amendment that aimed to keep Ohioans out of Obamacare. That was successful in keeping Ohio from creating a state-run health insurance exchange. Many states that have done so have lost hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars trying to set up their own exchanges. As of mid-2014, for example, nearly $500 million of federal dollars—all federal debt financed—was lost trying to set up exchanges in Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada, and Maryland. (Read) Waste and fraud are believed to be rampant in the state efforts, similar to what we’ve seen in the federal efforts.

Even though the Ohio Constitutional amendment has had this modest success, it did not keep Gov. John Kasich from ramming through Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion for single, work-able adults that is now costing more than a billion dollars—all federal debt financed—each year. Nor is it keeping hard-working Ohioans from being at the mercy of all of Obamacare’s insurance mandates, fees, fines, and taxes.

The U.S. Constitution permits states to join together to undertake commerce actions through an interstate compact. (Article I, Section 10) The proposed Health Care Compact uses this constitutional tool to disarm Obamacare by enabling the member states to suspend federal health care regulations. Implementing the compact does not require any action by President Obama as it is a legislative action to approve, not an executive action. Hence, with Republicans in control of Congress, action to approve a compact is quite achievable. Proposed legislation to have Ohio join this compact has been introduced (again) into the Ohio House.

Contact your local state representative to encourage them to co-sponsor this legislation and support action on it in the Ohio House.


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