Feb 08

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The famous government “unemployment rate” is a lie. Do you know why?


Americans like simple answers to complex questions. If it’s a numeric short answer, so much the better.

Such a “simple” numeric short answer is the “unemployment rate” published by the federal government. The monthly federal unemployment rate is not only misleading but, as Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the national polling company Gallop, candidly tells us, it’s a lie! (The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment) It does not accurately reflect how many Americans wishing to work full-time are in fact unemployed.

If what Mr. Clifton says is true, then President Obama uses this information to lie. The same is true for other politicians whose political careers benefit from conveying such false information. The only purpose of such lies is to convince voters to continue harmful public policies and to keep harmful politicians in office.

Mr. Clifton relates in his article that about 30 million Americans are unemployed or severely underemployed. That’s roughly 12% of the adult population. How could the unemployment rate really then be 5.6% as reported? Can you explain this? Do you care? How many of your friends make decisions on who to vote for based on such lies about the economy? About national security? About legalizing illegal aliens? About legalizing marijuana? Etc.

Integrity in our politicians, enforced by knowledgeable voters, is vital to the preservation of our liberty.


Do you, as a liberty patriot, need to know more?


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